MTConnect Agent Configuration Tool (MTCACT)

MTCACT (MTConnect Agent Configuration Tool)  is  a  tool  written  by  Memex Inc. that is used to drastically cut down  the  time  to  initially  create  or maintain  the  files  needed  to  configure the MTConnect agent.

Prior to MTCACT, those deploying MTConnect would require a significant amount of hand editing of files. This eliminates hand editing and provides a professional tool that creates as well as validates MTConnect configurations are correct the first time.

The MTConnect agent is what talks to the machine tool (via an adapter) as well as to an application such as MERLIN. Memex has open sourced this tool to help out ALL companies that are implementing MTConnect.

Technical Details

MTCACT (MTConnect  Agent  Configuration  Tool) is a tool that is use to help build or maintain device Xml and agent configuration file concurrently. The following point describes the features that this tool has to offer:

  • Tree view representation of the Xml device configuration for easy viewing and selection
  • Greatly reduce and simplify Xml editing by using predefine parameters, attributes and restricted values structure based on the selected MTConnect Xsd Schema
  • Eliminates typos and case sensitive strings such as names, parameters and/or attributes
  • Ability to rebuilds all Xml element “id” attribute to maintain uniqueness throughout the Xml file
  • Any changes made to the device Xml file (specially the attribute ‘name’ within the ‘device’ element node) will automatically reflect directly to the ‘Adapter’ section of  the agent configuration file and vice-versa
  • Automatically generate “DLib” file formatted agent configuration file
  • Xml validation based on selected MTConnect Xml schema
  • Connection validation for each of the agent adapters (provided you’re on the same LAN/WAN network)
  • Provides detail messaging when editing and/or validating
  • Autosave feature
  • Use of file versioning when saving while leaving the original files untouched
  • Initially created by Memex Inc. and is available as an open source code

Screen shot of the MTConnect Agent Configuration Tool (MTCACT)

Ready to Learn More About MTCACT or Try It Out?

MTConnect Agent Configuration Tool (MTCACT) is an open source tool created by Memex Inc. that we use to make configuring an MTConnect agent much easier. Memex has open sourced it with the hope that others will add to MTCACT’s capabilities.

Where to download

To download the documentation, source code, and the executable for MTCACT, please click follow this link:

Please note that we do not sell MTCACT, nor do we offer support services for MTCACT.

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