Frequently Asked Questions

Information for Investors

When was the company founded and when did it go public?

Memex Inc. was founded in 1991 through acquisition and assets and has evolved into what it has become today.  It became a public company on November 1, 2013.  Memex is a reporting issuer and is the principal regulator for the province of Ontario.

What is Memex’s stock symbol?

Memex Inc. is listed on the Toronto Stock Venture Exchange as TSXV: OEE

Who is Memex’s transfer agent and what is their contact information?

Memex’s transfer agent is Computershare, at the following address:

800 – 324 8 Avenue SW
Calgary, AB T2P 2Z2

Who is Memex’s auditor and how do I get in contact with the auditor?

The auditor is McGovern Hurley LLP, at the following address:

251 Consumers Road, Suite 800
Toronto, ON M2J 4R3

When is Memex’s fiscal year end?

Memex’s fiscal year end is September 30.

What is Memex’s commercialization strategy?

Commercialization of effective machine monitoring in each discrete manufacturing vertical

What is the competitive advantage of Memex’s MERLIN?

MERLIN has a competitive advantage in the following key areas:

  • Is a comprehensive MES (manufacturing execution system) packaged as a toolkit not requiring custom PLC (programmable logic controller) programming like most every other solution;
  • Is compatible with all machines, old or new, Ethernet connectivity or not;
  • Is mid-market priced yet enterprise scalable for smaller plants or larger multi-plant companies;
  • Utilizes the latest Microsoft toolset and SQL (structured query language) database along with various industry standard protocols; and
  • Provides comprehensive functionality of basic machine monitoring, DNC (direct numerical control), advanced OEE (overall equipment effectiveness) and various operational metrics.

How does Memex generate revenue?

Memex generates revenue in a variety of ways:

  • License revenue for MERLIN
  • Hardware revenue for machine connectivity tools
  • CNC control component upgrades, memory, ethernet to serial cards and various tools
  • Service fees associated with customer project implementations

Does Memex manufacture its own equipment?

Memex currently manufactures all its hardware and develops its own software.  Memex is in full control as the OEM of all its products and views this as a strategic competitive advantage.

Where can I find more information about Memex?

Memex’s public documents are located at the public company repository located at  Once there, click on “Company Profile,”  then the letter “M,” then  “Memex Inc.”  Enter the “randomly generated code,” then “click on the document of interest.”

For all other up-to-date information about Memex, its products and solutions, technical notes and resources, go to and follow the links.

Where can I find more information about the shareholdings of officers, directors and insiders?

Memex’s officers, directors and insiders file their reports at the public company repository of insider information located at  Click on “View Insider Information,” and enter the surname or other information required to complete your search.

Who should I call if I have additional questions about Memex?

For shareholder related matters, investor relations matters, brokerage related matters contact Sophic Capital at 647-977-9264 or

For all matters related to Memex’s financial statements or corporate filings contact 866-573-3895 (Toll Free) or

For all product and solution sales, customer service or technical support contact 866-573-3895 (Toll Free) or