MERLIN in operation at Rose Integration

View our video of Memex Automation’s machine tool automation technology, MERLIN installed at Rose Integration Ltd. a precision machining manufacturer in Carleton Place, Ontario, Canada. With MERLIN in place, Rose Integration has gained several benefits including an increase in machine Overall Operating Efficiency (OEE) from 40% to 82% . This video shows operations on the Rose Integration shop floor as well as the MERLIN display of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that display real-time data including machine performance, availability, quality, downtime, reject counts and part counts. MERLIN’s data forms the basis of daily team meetings at Rose to discuss operations.

November 28, 2013.

3:30 minute video.

MERLIN allows companies to see first hand the productivity and increased profitability as it happens.  Real-time visible dashboard metrics are available for the entire shop floor to see and OEE + DNC hardware and software enable your company to function at its best.  It generates work orders by an ERP system that sends accurate results back to the central ERP database.  Because it takes the data straight from the machine itself automatically, you will see your company’s production increase a minimum of 10% in operational improvement, and a 20% – 60% increase in profit, in less than 3 months.

MERLIN OEE is a time saving, and money saving solution, that will increase productivity and profitability in the long run.