Oilgear Has Provided a Follow on Order for the MERLIN Solution From Memex Automation

Burlington, ON, Canada – Jul 6, 2015 – Astrix Networks Inc. (TSX VENTURE: OEE), operating under the trade name Memex Automation (“Memex”), is pleased to announce that Oilgear, a Milwaukee-based fluid technology provider with a focus on integrated hydraulic/electric systems, has expanded its MERLIN solution to eight of its machines. The expansion comes after a previous purchase order from Mazak, an OEM channel sales partner.

Memex Automation’s flagship software product, MERLIN, is an industrial-strength shop floor communications platform that delivers Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) metrics in real-time. MERLIN enables data-driven manufacturers to enhance productivity on any machine, typically 10% to 50%, and increase profit from operations.

“We are making a significant capital investment in our pump manufacturing plant in Fremont, NE, and felt it is very important to monitor the assets to ensure clear visibility of the machine utilization,” says Jason Lake, VP of Americas, Oilgear. “We know having real time knowledge of our machines and utilizing the historical reporting analysis tools will allow us to further increase our efficiency in operations.”

“The precision machining for the fluid control sector requires accuracy, which is where the MERLIN solution excels, as it provides exact data from the machine,” said John Rattray, Memex Automation’s Vice President of Sales. “Advanced machine monitoring solutions utilize the MTConnect standard for data driven manufacturing, delivering efficiency metrics, operational productivity, and bottom-line profits.”

About Oilgear

The Oilgear Company is a supplier of highly engineered pumps, valves and controls. The company focuses on rapid product development to serve extreme applications in energy, mobile construction and broad industrial segments. Oilgear uses advanced hydraulic/electronic simulation tools, FMECA processes and state of the art R&D centers to fast track design qualification. Testing capability includes a 15,000 GPM flow rate test stand, 25,000 PSI pressure test stand, a high fluid contamination/fatigue validation test stand and real-time data logging on all of the above.

Investment in the Fremont manufacturing plant will allow Oilgear to upgrade its production manufacturing capability. Matched with its engineering, product development and R&D facilities at the Fremont plant brings The Oilgear Company to the forefront of supplier capability. For more information, please visit: www.oilgear.com

About Memex Automation

Memex is a leading Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technology platform provider that connects to any machine and delivers real-time manufacturing productivity metrics. Industrial strength MERLIN software provides Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) efficiency metrics in real time, from shop floor to top floor. MERLIN connects to any machine, old or new, utilizing MTConnect, other protocols or hardware adapters. The MERLIN magic delivers a 10% to 50% average productivity increase so that any manufacturer can achieve world-class standards of excellence. Based on just a 10% increase in OEE, customers see profit improvements of 20%-plus and payback in less than four months. For more information, please visit: www.memex.ca.

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