Yasnac Memory Upgrade Kits

Improve Machine Performance

Memex provides a range of products for Yasnac controls. Our memory upgrades meet or exceed the OEM specifications for the following original Yasnac memory boards:

Memory Upgrades for Yasnac MX3/LX3 Controls

  • 2560 meters – (1MB) – MX3/LX3 – SKU 3530

Memory Upgrades for Yasnac i80 Sizes

The Memex i80 Memory Upgrade replaces the Yasnac FC120 FILE board and provides part program memory upgrades from 320 meters (128k) to 5120 meters (2 Megs) of tape equivalent. The Mxi80 also features our “Perma-Charge” Battery Backup System.

The Memex Mxi80 Memory Upgrade is easy to install, as only additional program memory is on this add-on board (so no parameters are resident).

  • 1280 meters (512K) – Model FC120-3 P/N: SKU-3620
  • 5120 meters (2 Meg) – Model FC120-5 P/N: SKU-3640


MEMEX - Yasnac Memory Upgrades

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