Clarification about Tom Gaasenbeek and Memex Automation

Burlington, Ontario, Canada

Tom Gaasenbeek resigned from Memex Automation and its parent company Astrix Networks Inc. effective October 20, 2009.

In early 2010, Astrix Networks Inc. acquired all the outstanding shares that Tom Gaasenbeek had in Astrix Networks Inc.  Tom Gaasenbeek has no ownership interests in Memex Automation.  Tom Gaasenbeek has no direct involvement with Memex Automation or its parent company Astrix Networks Inc.  The team at Memex wish him well in his future endeavors.

About Memex Automation

Memex Automation, a division of Astrix Networks Inc. has a history going back to 1992 with the objective of providing productivity improvement solutions to the discrete manufacturing sector. The company’s focus is on hardware electronic components such as manufacturing connectivity solutions, Ethernet to Serial bridges, advanced memory upgrades for CNC’s, BTR’s, handheld devices, and OEE + DNC software. The domain expertise along with the visionary shop floor communication technology helps customers to Automate the Automation so as to increase productivity and decrease cost. Memex delivers shop floor to top floor connectivity automating the process of communicating information between business systems and the machines on the shop floor. More information can be found at