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Learn how to increase productivity by applying vertical and horizontal integration – shop floor to top floor – and production operations management with state of the industry MES tools.

MEMEX - Data Driven Manufacturing

The Memex MERLIN Manufacturing Execution System (MES) can assist companies in increasing efficiency of the plant by 10%-50%.  Attend an informative webinar to find out how.

MERLIN helps manufacturing companies automatically identify any problems that may arise at the machine level before production or quality suffers.  In these webinars that we provide, we will show you how you can gain an increase in your Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) in your facility.  You will see full plant-wide real-time visibility, proactive e-alerts, job status from time to completion, and most of all, enhanced productivity and profitability.

The webinars are a no cost, no obligation, purely informative internet based session to the insight and the workings of the MERLIN solution in a live production environment.  It will usually last for about an hour and covers the following areas:

  • Benefits of Real-time machine monitoring with OEE
  • Comprehensive historical reporting, including every state of the machine
  • Automatic data collection, and how information is captured directly from the machines
  • Electronic traveler with a paperless shop floor
  • Over 100 different data elements to report on, including real-time analytics
  • Downtime and reject tracking for root cause analysis
  • Labor productivity tracking with minimal to no operator involvement
  • Visual production scheduling and shop floor layouts

The webinar attendees are encouraged to participate and ask questions specifically relating to their unique situation.

After listening to one of our webinars, there are several options the attendee can take.  They can decide that the MERLIN solution is not the right fit at the moment and we will virtually shake hands and hopefully meet another day, or, the interested party can inquire about the next steps to having a trial pilot set up for their own facility.

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