Mazak’s SmartBox to implement MEMEX software and Cisco hardware

CIOReview, Fremont, CA – October 29, 2015

The advent of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), that allows smart machines to accurately and consistently capture and communicate data, has given birth to SmartBox – a launch platform for easy and secure entry to Industrial Internet of Things.  Mazak Corporation will incorporate MEMEX’s MERLIN software and Cisco’s hardware to its SmartBox to achieve enhanced efficiency and productivity of machines.

SmartBox is based on Cisco’s connected machine solution that enables rapid and repeatable machine connectivity with machine optimization, overall equipment effectiveness and predictive maintenance, which is equipped with MTConnect software agent.  Along with Cisco’s solution, SmartBox also adopts MERLIN – a product that allows companies to measure overall equipment effectiveness in real time and helps in monitoring production to improve profitability.  While MERLIN software allows monitoring of machines and testing of other equipment within the plant, Cisco hardware prevents any unauthorized access to or from the machines within a network.

MTConnect also runs on Cisco’s Industrial Ethernet 4000 switch with MERLIN software’s real time visibility and insights to data.  It enhances SmartBox’s connectivity of machines and devices for monitoring and analytical capabilities.

SmartBox can work with any machine and will be offered in various configurations or kits based on how the units will be used.  It legs users to easily connect any standard off the shelf sensors to the system for machine data gathering and condition monitoring.

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